Vehicle Wraps


Car wraps are a very durable vinyl that can be designed however you would like, and then installed right over the existing paint.  Car wraps provide intense graphic solutions at a fraction of the cost custom paint jobs cost.  Additionally, car wraps can be removed by a professional installer with no damage to your vehicle.  Vehicle wraps are becoming more popular, as it's advertising your business in a huge way every time that vehicle is on the road, OR even parked! Vehicle wraps are even being chosen over getting new paint jobs more and more because of the quality and graphics. If you're seeking more exposure, this is the answer.  This is your opportunity to stand out from the rest.

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Vehicle wraps cost a lot less than a custom paint job, and look the same, if not better.  The graphics and color choices are endless, they can be installed in just a few days, they last for years, give your car a complete new look and can be removed without damaging the paint.



Unlike paint, you can look at multiple designs before making your final decision.



Car wraps are far less expensive than custom paint, while offering protection to your factory paint job.



A custom car wrap is an easy way to set you apart from other vehicles.  It is very important to have quality vinyl used as well as professionally trained installers to eliminate things like bubbles and premature wearing.  International Minute Press only uses professionally trained installers and the finest of materials.


Whether you go with printed designs or colored vinyl, it can be installed over your existing paint, protecting it from the sun, rock chips, scratches and dings.


Just because you have the same kind of vehicle as so many other people, doesn't mean you have to look like them.  If you want that "different look, but aren't sure what you want, come visit one of our graphic designers to help with your design.


Wether you just want to have a few decals or a full custom car wrap, a custom mobil billboard is what you will have.  Thousands of people will see your vehicle and your brand.




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